Three Volcanoes Farm, LLC


Three Volcanoes Farm, LLC


Great Quality, Lowest Prices


Huge Volumes Grown in Costa Rica

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Quality Plants

We focus on the plants that we grow best. Our selection includes a variety of Grasses, Liriopes, Daylilies and a few others. Everything we grow, we do in large numbers at low cost. This allows us to have the lowest prices you’ll find.



How to Buy

We offer many different ways to buy from us. From our new farm conveniently located in Apopka, FL we offer pick ups and truck delivery in local areas. Look here to learn How to Buy from us.



Direct Cuttings

We ship large volumes of bare root cuttings direct from our large farm in Costa Rica to anywhere in the US. With low costs and efficient shipping we offer cuttings as the lowest prices you will find anywhere.