About us

Who We Are

Three Volcanoes Farm began in 2007 with our 60 acre farm in the Saripiqui region of Costa Rica. The first several years were entirely spent growing stock plants. Once accomplished, we came to Florida in 2010 to establish a nursery to which our Costa Rica farm could provide bare root divisions. Originally, we started with 4” and 1 gallon material, we now have expanded to 1,3,7,15, 30 gallon and Cool Rings 30,45,65 & 100 gallon material. 2013/2014 brought much expansion with our 70 acre farm in Tavares in both size and variety of what we grow. We currently grow 80 varieties of woody ornamentals, tropicals, liriopes, ornamental grasses, daylilies and groundcovers. 2016 expansion took us across the street to fill another 42 acres. Currently 20 of the 42 acres are dedicated to larger material in FL Cool Rings® with more to come. We now have 175 acres of nursery in Florida and 60 acres in Costa Rica. In 2020 we purchased 63 acers 2 miles from our main nursery on CR448 with plan to expand our FL Cool Rings® production.

Our Locations

Tavares, Florida-27845 Shirley Shores Road & CR 448

Our main operation & office is located in the Tavares/Mt. Dora area (approx. 40 minutes NW of Orlando). In 2013, we began looking for a larger location to allow us to grow additional material and larger sizes. We purchased 70 acres to expand our 1, 3, 7, and 15 gallon container production, as we had outgrown our original location in Apopka. We constructed 15 acres of 30% shade growing area for our tropical production and expanded fern and azalea offerings. We built a 60,000 sq ft greenhouse to provide winter protection to cold sensitive plants and provide year round availability of tropicals. This gave us 90 acres of finished plant production. In February, 2016 we acquired another 42 acres across from our Tavares operation giving us 130 acres. On this property, we concentrated on larger material in 7g & 15g plus FL Cool Rings® production in 30g, 45g & 65g please go to the following link thecooling.com for more information about FL Cool Rings®. 

Tavares, Florida- CR448 New location #4 Coming Soon

In September 2020 we purchased 63 acres just a couple of miles from our main office.


Horquetas, Saripiqui, Costa Rica

Our farm in Costa Rica is our supply center. This farm is all about production and efficiency. Our strategy is to produce a select number of items, but produce them in huge volumes and extremely efficiently. The strategy of having large fields with only several items, combined with the unique growing conditions, allows our farm to produce huge numbers very quickly. With 12 hours of daily sunlight year-round, temperatures that rarely drop below 65 degrees and 150” annual rainfall, this farm has the ability to grow rapidly throughout all seasons.

If you were to visit you’d also learn the reason for the name of our farm; while standing in the middle of the farm, on a clear day, you can see three or more different volcanoes at the same time.

Note from the Owners

What we do well!

We supply large quantities of landscape materials for the commercial trade. We are a very lean operation. We do not have a large administrative staff. 95% of our staff is focused on production/shipping. We provide our customers consistent quality and the ability to fill large orders from one location. Our goal is to provide good material at a very fair price. We can deliver on our trucks within Florida at cost. We do not deliver based on percentages of price. Any out of state sales will be loaded on your trucks or brokered trucks. We do not prepay freight. We can help you find trucks, but we are not responsible for this aspect. We offer one stop pickup for large orders. For example: we load regularly 10,000 1 gallon plants per semi-truck, California stacked. This won't work for customers who cannot have leaves broken. But for low cost freight, it's awesome. Our credit requirements are strict. Florida bond required. Any out of state credit requests will be held to high standards.

What we do not do well!

We are not focused on nor supply to super high-end custom homes, garden centers or chain stores. We do not do any boxing and limited tagging. We are focused on large installers, re-wholesalers and larger brokers. We have no commissioned sales people. We will never call you for orders, unless trying to fill a truck close by you. We are trying to provide a great value. We have chosen this model by design and it works quite well, but it does not allow us to be consultants with lots of personal attention. If you have a large project and wish us to quote, we will. We do not hold material.

We do not do discounts for individual volume orders. We have it priced in. Once per year we evaluate our top 20 volume customers to include in our only discount program.

We are not brokers. We produce everything we grow. Very vertical. And we will not add a new item unless we can move at least 5000 annually. If you need 10,000 1 gallon big blue, 5000 jasmine, 2,000 super blue, 800 Aztec grass, 700 3 gal azaleas loaded tomorrow we can do it, but find you 4 specimen camellias, not us.

So in closing, we are by design a lean nursery operation, with fair pricing and good quality which our customers have embraced. We know who we are not. There are many great suppliers in the marketplace who can provide the hand-picked plants for award winning projects, labeling and maybe guarantee blooms and buds. This is not what we do. And proud of it.

Wally and Karen Owens
Three Volcanoes Farm, LLC